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TronTree is a great concept for you based on a Highly Mathematical Calculation, in which you start with a small amount of money. A tremendous opportunity for you to achieve financial freedom.

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Realistic growth offer @1% per day

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Quick fund withdrawal in every 24 hours

Secure for all

Secure Fund” for last wave participants

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Tron Tree is a concept based on highly Mathematical Calculations that has been developed with over 20 years of experience


100% Decentralize, Fully Automatic, No Admin Control, Developed on Tron Blockchain Smart Contract


24 Hour withdrawal, Simple User Interface, Simple Upload, withdrawal, transfer and compound process


100% Transparent, No Third Party Interference, A unique “Secure Fund” for last wave participants


No Scope of Manipulation and Greedy Investor, Highly Mathematical Calculation for long term stability

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1% per day, @ upto 30% per month

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Referral Programm

The referral incentive is an opportunity for those participants who want to increase their ongoing growth cycle fund infinitely by referring the TronTree concept to other people. It is not compulsory, but optional. Through this you can increase the growth fund infinitely many times and can get a stable income.


Referral Incentive

In level incentive, you start as a participant and then, as you become a leader and manager, you get best of incentives on a team of up to 21 levels.


Big Shot Bonus

This is for those participants who have understood the power of the trontree concept and then participate with more than 25,000 trx fund (Eligibility upto 2nd Growth Cycle). They will get immediate benefit of 10% as a big shot Bonus.

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What is a Decentralize System?

Let's know the Centralize System before understanding Decentralize System properly. Normally, what we have seen till date, a company or concept maintains its data and all its transactions on its computer or server and also controls and maintains it from there. It refers to such a center where book-keeping is maintained for all the transactions. This is what we call Centralize System.

Decentralize System is just its opposite, which has been possible due to Blockchain Technology. In this system, the book-keeping of all the transactions are not stored at a single place but kept in thousands of computers installed at different places in the world and is verified by them. The people who store and verify the ledger accounts are called Miners or Validators. All Transactions in Decentralize System are completely transparent for all and it is almost impossible to do any kind of Manipulation or Hacking in them. As TronTree Concept stores and operates a very large community fund, it’s all the transactions must also be completely transparent and secure for everyone, thus the entire system has been developed on Tron based decentralize platform as a Smart Contract.

What is a Smart Contract, how does it work and what are its benefits?

The world's first Crypto currency "Bitcoin" was introduced with Blockchain Technology. Over the time, when bitcoin gained worldwide popularity and was accepted as a currency, people also started to understand the Decentralize Platform of Blockchain Technology.

Considering the immense potential of Blockchain Technology, an idea came up that instead of developing only Crypto Currency, this technology should also be used to develop computer programs. Moving forward in this chain, Tron Blockchain was developed whose currency is known as TRX which is one of top currencies of the world currently.

Programs that develop on the Tron Platform are called Smart Contracts.

Smart Contract is a contract between two people which runs on Blockchain Network in the form of a program and is completely decentralized. Smart Contract has certain characteristics as follows:

  • Being decentralized, once started there is no scope for tampering.
  • Apart from tempering, even the creators who made it cannot stop it.
  • All transactions taking place in Smart Contract are completely transparent for everyone, which also denies the possibility of any kind of fraud.

Above characteristics makes TronTree a completely transparent, secure and long-lasting concept, where one keep his/her trust on Smart Contract Technology, not on creators, and a Computer Program is never partial with anyone.

What is the Hacking Risk in Smart Contract?

Hacking means regulating someone's computer through a computer program without the knowledge or permission of owner and tempering or controlling his data. It’s a big challenge with Internet today. But there is a possibility of dealing with this problem even in Blockchain Technology.

As you know Blockchain Technology is a Decentralized Technology and programs based on it are decentralized, that means data is stored on thousands of computers across the world rather than in one place and it is almost impossible to hack thousands of computers at the same time. That's why we can assure you that TronTree is a completely safe concept from hacking and your fund is also completely safe in its contract.

What is TronTree Concept?

TronTree is a TRX Currency based Community Crowed Funding Concept which is an unprecedented mix of 2 things, High Mathematical Calculation + Smart Contract.

The "Highly Mathematical Calculation" part gives the participants a good and pre-determined growth on their deposit fund, a great Referral Program to keep the regular fund flow, security to the participant's fund and the stability to the concept to run for long.

At the same time, "Smart Contract" assures complete transparency to all the transactions take place in the concept, allows the entire world to participate together in it, eliminates the need of any third party and provides security to the accumulated fund in smart contract. It keeps the system free from any type of tempering, manipulation or fraudulence activity and gives opportunity to all the participants to join the concept with full trust.

We are proud to state that TronTree Concept does not make any investments, or do any type of trading and not even manipulate participants' funds in any way. It just offer participants a fixed growth on their fund based on a "Highly Mathematical Calculation".

We may possibly know many such platforms that promise good growth by investing participant’s funds in trading or any other program, but it becomes a very risky task. In such platforms, participants invest their funds with someone else, where they use the participant's fund according to their own interest. There is no such trading or investment program for the common man in this world where they get assured profit. What we means is possibility of loss along with profit always persist.

Therefore, TronTree proudly announces that on this platform, the participant's fund is never touched but it is circulated within all the participants only through a Highly Calculated program which is fully secured and assures stability for a long time.

For whom is the TronTree Concept?

TronTree is for everyone who:

  • Want a good growth on their small funds.
  • Want an income for which one does not have to work, rather his spare fund should earn for him.
  • Are looking for a platform that is potentially viable to give them a certain growth on their fund for a long time.
  • Are doing such a job/work in their life that does not please them, but are forced to do due to lack of investment.
  • Are looking for financial freedom for themselves and their families.
  • Understand the power of network and are competent enough to build their team.
  • Welcome the new source of income, by stepping up with the future technology.

Whatever may be the reason, TronTree welcomes everyone equally and assures complete loyalty, honesty and transparency.

Who created TronTree?

TronTree is a concept, runs on a Blockchain Smart Contract where the programmer does not stay dominant. We do not need to trust anyone for any of the transactions happening in the concept, not even the creators, who made this concept. The entire concept is operated automatically by Smart Contract. Smart Contract operates a very large fund so keeping in mind the safety of the fund and the TronTree concept, the creators of the concept keep themselves anonymous.

The TronTree concept is the result of more than 20 years of creator’s experience. While making it, all types of systems in the last several years have been studied minutely and inspiration has also been drawn from the currently running successful concepts. While designing the concept, the reasons behind not delivering the expected results in any earlier concept and the difficulties faced by the participants have been closely studied.

One thing has been specifically kept in mind that all the participants in the community should be given an honest fund growth system, not just a captivating offer. 1% per day growth is a realistic growth that the concept can give undeniably for a long time, which is much better than the usual growth and is also a stable one.

And when you study TronTree's Referral Program closely, you will be assured that the creators who designed it have demonstrated their entire experience and foresight.

Why Maintenance Fund required in the Concept?

A simple question comes in mind that when everything will be operated automatically by Smart Contract and the creators who build the concept will not have any control over it, then why is Maintenance Fund needed in Concept?

The entire fund that comes under TronTree Smart Contract belongs to the community itself and the entire authority over it is also with the participants, it can never be controlled by the Creators or Administration Department.

In addition to Smart Contract system, many tasks are there which are conducted by the Administration Department under the guidance of Creators such as:

  • To maintain and expand TronTree website
  • To handle Technical Queries of Participants
  • To manage Support System
  • Looking after the upcoming challenges
  • To develop promotional material for continue growth of community
  • Working on future plans etc.

Blockchain Technology is developing at a fast pace, with the addition of new features in Blockchain Technology every once in a while. TronTree also keeps itself completely open to adopt new technology. We will continue to update new technology to the Concept in consultation with the community in a democratic way, as and when required.

TronTree is a Community Funding Concept, thus the fund required for all these is withdrawn at the beginning of each growth cycle as 3% Maintenance Fund, and the same fund is used for the above works/activities. And it is fixed only at the beginning while shaping up/making a smart contract, so it can neither be changed at any time, nor is any manipulation possible. And it is always transparent to all the participants.

Why did TronTree chose Tron Platform and TRX Currency only?

There are thousands of Crypto Currencies and Tokens in the world and hundreds of platforms are running and increasing day by day with the time. Tron is one of the best currencies in the world which allows developing programs through Smart Contract, hence Tron was chosen with the objective of giving a better platform to the participants. The creators had some more options, but Tron Brand's future prospects are very bright. It is also liked and accepted very well by the common people. Tron is also becoming the first choice of people for the purpose of investment.

TronTree is a very stable and long term concept and keeping this in mind, Tron Platform has been chosen.

How is TronTree a Secure Concept for each new participant?

The future is unpredictable. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. We work for a bright future, but it is always wise to be prepared for any unexpected event in the future. Keeping this in mind, some special provisions have been made in TronTree.

The entire concept of TronTree is based on the funds to be deposited in the contract. As you know, TronTree is built on the basis of Highly Mathematical Calculations, and hence the fund deposited in the contract will always keep increasing and there is no possibility of ending up the funds. But as we know that future is unpredictable, keeping this in mind consider a situation that the fund deposited in the contract starts decreasing rapidly, then what would happen to the participants who had deposited their fund at the later stages.

How will they be secured?

Keeping their security in mind, the following 2 provisions have been made in TronTree:

  • 1. 20% of High Rule: According to this rule, in case of any unexpected upcoming situation, if the fund deposited in the contract declines to 20% of its highest level, then this rule will automatically be started by Smart Contract under which the preference for the withdrawal will be given to others and withdrawal by all the Leaders and Managers will be stopped immediately. This arrangement will continue till the contract fund reaches 40% of the highest level after which Smart Contract will automatically start the same old process for everyone.

    TronTree is a Community Crowed Funding Concept where all the participants support and take care of each other. Therefore, it becomes the first responsibility of the Leaders and Managers to take care of other people in their team and work on every possibility to prevent them from any financial loss. It is a fantastic Rule that gives all new participants in the concept a confidence in TronTree.

  • 2. Secure Fund: If in any case, even after the implementation of "20% of High Rule", the funds in the contract are exhausted, then in the second phase the process of Secure Fund will start automatically by the smart contract. Funds deposited in the Secure Fund will begin to be distributed automatically to the participants who have yet not received back their capital sum from TronTree Concept. The Secure Fund is an arrangement under which an attempt has been made to provide protection to the capital sum of all the new participants in TronTree.

    As told earlier, TronTree is a Community Crowed Funding Concept hence it becomes the moral duty of TronTree to give protection to its last wave participants. Keeping this in mind, at the start of each growth cycle, 4% of it is withdrawn as a safe fund which is always kept safe for those people who come as new participants in the community and deposit their funds in the concept.

    It has been seen in many years of experience that initially every concept progresses very quickly, but gradually in the future, the confidence of new participants regarding safety of their fund reduces and the concept becomes weak. But on the contrary, due to the above provisions, the TronTree Concept will become stronger with time, due to which the confidence of the new participants will always increase and the Concept will also strengthen.

Rules and Regulations in Tron Tree

TronTree is a Smart Contract which gives the assurance that Concept will run with complete transparency, there is absolutely no possibility of any kind of tampering, manipulation or cheating. So in this way Smart Contract gives you assurance of sincerity and honesty, but Smart Contract does not assure stability of any type of concept.

The stability of any concept depends on two main things:

  • First, rules of the Concept that protects people from greedy, mean and harmful people.
  • And secondly, the better balance of the incoming and outgoing funds (withdrawal funds) will keep the concept stable.

    TronTree is a Global Concept in which anyone from all over the world can participate.

    TronTree is a Global Concept in which anyone from all over the world can participate.

    Two important rules are made to fulfill both the above objectives and to keep the concept stable and everlasting.

What is Give & Take Rule?

According to this rule, referral incentive to any participant in team will be calculated on the same amount of fund which is running in his own growth cycle.

For example, if Participant "A" has a 2000 TRX fund in his Growth Cycle and his team's Participant "B" is having a fund of 5000 TRX, then "A" will get the Incentive on 2000 TRX and not on 5000 TRX. If he wants to get the Incentive on 5000 TRX of "B", then he will also have to match the Growth Cycle to at least 5000 TRX.

Tron Tree is a Community Crowed Funding Concept and runs in equal cooperation with all participants so this Rule intends to invite individuals who not only follows Tron Tree as a Referral Program but also contributes themselves.

Do not just eat a full meal but also help in growing and preparing it.

How does Growth Cycle Fund grow in Tron Tree?

In Tron Tree, each participant can withdraw the growth received after every Growth Cycle as TRX currency and can achieve the goal of financial freedom in their life.

The profit of the participant will increase with the growth of the fund.

Now the question is, how the fund increases in the growth cycle?

There are 4 ways to increase the Growth Cycle Fund:

  • Principal Fund Upload: With the start of every new growth cycle any participant can upload the desired fund from his Tron wallet and increase his Growth Cycle Fund enabling him to accrue his withdrawal capacity.
  • By Growth Fund: At the end of each growth cycle, the participant can not only withdraw the fund but can also compound it. The strength of compounding is very high; those who know this can add their growth fund to their new growth cycle fund and can get the desired benefits.
  • By Referral Incentive: Tron Tree is a Community Crowed Funding Platform run and enhanced by the community itself. Those who help in promoting the community get the chance to earn unlimited incentives through Referral Bonus.
  • By Fund Receiving for other participants:

    Tron Tree offers a great 50 Level Referral Program to all the participants. To achieve this, the participant can sponsor more and more participants through his referral link, in which he always gets an incentive ranging from 5% to 18% of the referred person's growth cycle fund.

    The participant can add the received incentive in his growth cycle fund and increase his growth cycle fund infinitely.

    In this way, all the participants can increase their growth cycle fund infinitely even in the absence of their own Principal Fund/capital sum and can achieve the goal of their financial freedom.